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Rockland Lake State Park Gets a $13 Million Dollar Makeover

Updated 12/15/20

The best opportunity for Rockland Lake State Park is to incorporate newer concepts like edge pools. This type of pool is all the rage nowadays, especially of its photographically aesthetic. The park can definitely maximize its views by putting this pool nearby the Lakeview to achieve its full visual effects, as the edge of the pool lines up with the horizon from the lake, giving it a continuous effect.

The park might also want to reconsider adding more, such as 3 ring inflatable swimming pools. They could even get 10ft swimming pool next day delivery services, if they’d prefer to look at 10ft swimming pools for sale.

Considering the budget, they could also look into 5ft swimming pool price for something more appealing for those who’d rather not go into the lake.

With quality and safety as the foremost considerations of the park for its patrons, these upgrades would be worthwhile. These pools would certainly be a dream for any homeowner dreaming of having their own pool backyard.

The Rockland Lake has been a family friendly area for generations, and it offers boats, pools, a water splash park, and large water slides that keep families cool during the harsh summer heat. And it is now getting a makeover.

A $13 million dollar makeover to be exact, full of upgrades, new facilities, and even a new bathhouse.

Originally constructed back in the 1960s, the Rockland Lake State Park’s bathhouse, office buildings, and pools are in dire need of an upgrade. According to park manager Christian Nielsen, the state is putting such an investment into the lake simply because it was the most utilized public park in New York State last year. To put this in perspective, between April to October 2016, 650,000 New Yorkers came to Rockland Lake looking to explore and swim.

The 2,000-acre park is chocked full with kiddie pools, a spray ground, a north and south pool, and playgrounds. Problem is, the north pool has been shut down since 2007, and not many lake-goers choose to go in the lake itself. That’s a problem, as the pools have become more run down in recent years. And even though most visitors to the park come from New York City, Nielsen believes the park is underused and is not currently reaching its full potential.

The Rockland Lake makeover plans include tearing down the north pool and turning it into sports fields, replacing the south pool completely, installing a 27-foot tall tower in the kiddie pool with water slides, adding amenities to the bathhouse, and even expanding the parking lot. This comes right after the addition of a $625,000 playground which opened in the north area of the lake last April.

However, Nielsen explains that these new improvements will not raise the price of admittance to the park. Instead, the money will be coming from the capital fund NY Works, which is meant to bolster state economic development while providing plenty of in-state jobs.

Considering that one pool can add about 7% to a home’s value, it is easy to imagine the impact all these pools will have on Rockland lake. All of these renovations are estimated to be completed by Summer 2018.


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