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Should You Move to New York? Here’s What You Should Know

Should you move to New York during the pandemic? New York is home to about 19 million people (statewide). Should you move to New York and add your name to the list of residents during COVID 19? The answer may surprise you.

This may be the best time to move to New York. Whether you are considering moving downstate (the city) or upstate into a more rural setting, this may be the best time to make that move. The following information may help you find the answer to should you move to New York.

Some New York Lingo and Other Things You Need To Know

New York is a beautiful state. It is chockful of natural beauty. Most people think of NYC when they think of New York but NY has so much more to offer. There are great beaches in NY, beautiful mountains, wonderful rural areas, sprawling suburban areas, and yes, of course, one of the greatest cities in the world.

If you are wondering should you move to New York, you will want to get some of the lingo down before you call the real estate agent. For example, NYC is made up of five boroughs. The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. These five boroughs are counties of the City of New York, but no one ever calls Queens, State Island, the Bronx, or Brooklyn the city. They are all called by their names. However, Brooklyn is technically Kings County, but no one ever calls it that.

When people in NY that live in any of the four counties that surround Manhattan refer to “the city” they are referring to Manhattan. When people that live “upstate” refer to “the city” they are referring to any of the five boroughs. Sometimes “upstate” residents will say they are going “downstate” especially if they are heading out to the “island” and not to “the city.” It largely depends on how far “upstate” you reside.

Any county located above “the Bronx” (the Bronx is always referred to as the Bronx) is considered “upstate NY” by city dwellers or Long Islanders. Any of the areas in Suffolk or Nassau Counties are considered “the Island” which is a term used for Long Island.

should you move to new york

Manhattan is in fact an island, but never referred to as an island. Manhattan is connected to the other boroughs by bridges and tunnels. It is also connected to New Jersey (Jersey to New Yorkers). Each neighborhood in NYC has its own “flavor.” Each county has something that will draw you in. Even the “accents” around NYS can vary greatly. For example, Brooklyn natives will sound very different than people that live upstate. People from Queens sound different from Manhattanites. Every region has its own twist on the American language.

It won’t take you long to adopt the language of NY. Before you know it you will be “grabbing a slice or a dirt water dog” and speaking like a native New Yorker.

New York, New York, If You Can Make It There You Can Make it Anywhere

New York City has a magic to it that is hard to find in any other city in the world. There are songs written about it, movies made about it, books written about it, and is the hub for everything from the world’s financial network to fashion.

You are not the first person to wonder should you move to New York. About 900,000 people move into NYC or around NYC every year. Of course, this year things have been a little different thanks to COVID 19. Many people are moving out of NY which can mean it is prime time to answer the call to move into NY.

One of the reasons people do not answer the call when they are asking themselves should I move to New York is because of the competition for housing. The competition for housing in the lower part of the state that encompasses the five boroughs of NYC (Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island) can be fierce. This competition drives up housing costs.

Since there have been reports of a mass exodus from NYC, that could mean that housing costs are coming down. It may be cheaper to live in the city now than it was at the beginning of 2020. This could be the opportunity you have been waiting for.

With all the people leaving the city, the housing may be more available now. It could be easier to find an apartment to rent. You may be able to sell your house quickly where you are now, and find a fixer-upper for a lot less than you think in one of the five boroughs of the city or even out on Long Island.

should you move to new york

The cost of living in the city has gotten lower because of COVID. General contractors are dropping their rates because of the lack of work from the pandemic. Should you move to New York and take advantage of the situation? If moving to New York has always been on your radar, the pandemic may have a nice silver lining to offer you in the way of making the move more affordable.

Not only has housing costs come down, but the cost of mortgage loans are being offered with nice low rates. This can be the perfect time to hit the market in New York real estate a find a true steal that is complemented by a nice low mortgage rate.

Upstate or Down?

If you are asking yourself should I move to New York you have to consider if you want to live in the hub of the action in NYC or if you want a quieter home life and move upstate. There are some really rural areas in NY upstate. Before you call the local moving services to start packing you up, you are going to have to figure out where you want to live.

Each region has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, upstate housing can be a lot cheaper. There is plenty of farmland that you can scoop up at an affordable price if you do not mind the cold of the mountains.

Both the Adirondack’s and the Catskills are simply stunning. These beautiful ranges offer a great opportunity for anyone that craves space and great outdoor living opportunities. Skiing in the winter, lake living in the summer, and plenty of room to grow, draws people to upstate New York.

The upstate region of NYS is rife with wildlife and a much slower pace. You can find farmhouses that were built hundreds of years ago that dot the landscape. The cost of living is lower upstate than it is downstate. With the help of trusted home renovation services, you can turn an old farmhouse into a rambling estate at a very affordable price point.

You may be wondering if upstate is so great why doesn’t everyone live there. There are a couple of things that keep people from moving en masse to upstate NY. First, not everyone is well suited for the cold. Depending on the region of upstate, you can get a lot of snow. In some areas of upstate NY, the average snowfall is measured in feet, not in inches. HVAC companies stay busy upstate because of the cold weather. The cold is not the only reason upstate is not an ideal setting for some people. You can be rather isolated from the rest of the world in certain regions. Getting to the supermarket can mean an hour-long drive. Nearby hospitals maybe 65 miles away or further. It is a trade-off when you move way upstate. You get the peace and quiet that you want, the unbelievable scenery, great outdoor living opportunities, but you give up convenience. For many people the trade-off is well worth it, for others they need asphalt driveway paving and sidewalks.

Downstate offers all the conveniences. For example, access to the “city that never sleeps” means you can eat what you want when you want just about any time of the night or day. It means you can tap into so many free things to do whether it is walking around the numerous public parks or taking part in a free concert, but there are some downsides to living downstate and those downsides will vary depending on which part of downstate you move to.

Living in one of the five boroughs means you have easy access to employment opportunities, shopping, entertainment, and more, but it also means you will have to fight for parking. The traffic can be gridlocked anywhere you go in the city. Car accidents on one of the bridges or tunnels can mean hours of delay. For example, Queens and Manhattan are about 20 miles apart. It can literally take you about an hour and a half to drive 20 miles from Queens to Manhattan, and that is on a good day.

If you decide to rent an apartment instead of buying a house, plan on paying for additional indoor storage somewhere because apartments are small.

should you move to new york

Either make sure that when you call the residential packing services that you have already pared down greatly or plan on paying a fee for additional storage because you likely will be moving into a much smaller space if you rent an apartment.

What if you want the best of both worlds. You want to live near the city but not in the city. Long Island can be a great option. Considered the “suburbs” of New York City, Long Island is made up of mostly single-family homes.

Living on the island puts you smack in the middle of great beaches, mall shopping, and a relatively easy commute to get to “the city.” However, there are some downsides to living on the island. Property taxes are pretty high out on the island. Traffic can also be a nightmare if you need to go back and forth to the city every day. Rental opportunities are pretty minimal on the island, you almost have to buy a house.

The point is each region of New York has something great to offer, but there will be drawbacks. If you are wondering should you move to New York don’t let the idea of dealing with some drawbacks keep you from making a decision. Wherever you live there are going to be pros and cons and that is true of any state.

The Opportunities

Should you move to New York? If you want to take advantage of the opportunities that New York has to offer, the answer is definitely. You will find opportunities in New York that you cannot find anywhere else in the country.

New York is the hub of so many industries if you are looking to break into the financial industry, the fashion industry, television, theater, and a wide range of other industries, New York is the place to do it. There are opportunities in New York that simply do not exist in other areas.

Finding work in New York is relatively easy. Making connections and networking with industry leaders is easy in New York when you live there.

You cannot beat the cultural opportunities that are available in New York. As a hub for immigration since the turn of the 19th century, New York has a rich cultural heritage that is always on display. The number one reason people move to New York is the lifestyle opportunity.

should you move to new york

It may sound terrible but taking advantage of the opportunities that COVID 19 has left behind in New York may be the chance to start living the lifestyle you have always imagined for yourself. Should you move to New York during a pandemic? There may be never a better time to move to New York. The pandemic will eventually end which means people will start moving back and driving the housing costs back up and limiting job opportunities. Should you move to New York now? You should. Strike while the iron is hot. Before you know it the opportunity will pass you by and you will regret not taking the chance.