Winter Health Advice: How to Stay Healthier This Winter

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Staying healthy during these winter months can be a challenge. With tips and advice out there, it may be difficult to decide which to really listen to. To make this easier, we have compiled the top tips on winter advice. Find out how to stay healthy during the winter months below.

Pandemic Flu

During our current state, there are a ton of physical and mental challenges surrounding us. In fact, the number of coronavirus cases has exceeded 100,000 worldwide. The best winter health advice when it comes to the pandemic is to be mindful.

In the news, there is the conversation surrounding the pandemic rises and flu. Consider getting preventative flu treatment. You can do things such as:

  • Getting the flu shot
  • Taking vitamins
  • Getting enough exposure to the sun
  • Washing your hands
  • Seeing a doctor the minute you feel sick
  • Looking into healthy food options
  • Staying engaged with family and friends at a safe distance

All of these items can help in combatting the potential case of you catching the flu. Being proactive not only protects you, but it can also protect your loved ones.

Taking Care of Your Teeth

winter health advice

Surprisingly, teeth can impact your health. When we tend to stress, we often get a build-up of plaque on our teeth without even knowing it. This relates to winter health advice by the dental treatments you can get during your checkup.

If you find yourself having some pain in your teeth, seek attention as soon as you can. Keep an eye on your teeth for build-up, especially since stressful times are occurring more now for a wide variety of people than ever before.

Brushing for at least two minutes twice a day can help protect your teeth. This in turn will protect your health and promote stronger immune systems.

Floos twice daily if you can as well. With any pain, you may need immediate medical attention like getting root canal treatment. Recognizing and reacting to pain in your teeth can help your gums in the long run. Gums impact your gut health and other areas of your body. Check-in on your teeth from time to time to be safe.

Having braces is also something that can affect your health during the winter. Wires can cut on your gums, braces may break, so contact your orthodontic as soon as you notice this. Getting orthodontic services is also winter health advice that can help prevent other physical impacts.

Clean Your Home

Often times, we have visitors come in and out of our homes. During the pandemic, this may be limited in terms of the number of people who come in and out of your home. Homes can be dusty and dirty, which impact your health.

When you are preparing for winter, make sure you invest in air sanitation. Having air sanitation can help your sinuses and more. It can clear and rid the air of pollen and other bacteria you may inhale after making a trip to the store.

Cleaning your home is winter health advice that should be acted upon weekly. Cleaning can get your body moving. It provides you exercise, blood flow to your legs, and more.

Aside from the physical health aspects, cleaning your home can help you discover potential problems you may not have noticed before. This allows you to handle any situation before it becomes a bigger problem, which brings us to our next winter health advice.

Check Your Garage

This relates to winter health advice because of harmful chemicals in the air that can travel through an opened or damaged garage door. If you have an automatic garage door, check to see if it is functioning correctly. During the winter months, you will want to keep your body and home warm. Depending on the functionality of the door, this can impact the heat that stays inside your home versus the heat that escapes it.

winter health advice

If you do not have an automatic garage door, consider in investing in one. These can help protect your car from winter storms. If you reside in a state that receives a lot of snow, this can help you too. Instead of shoveling and scraping ice or snow off your car, your car can be snow and ice-free if it is placed in the garage.

For individuals who do not have the proper winter clothing or shoes, this can help prevent frostbite and other winter impacts on the skin.

Make Sure Your Heater Works

Some states like Texas can go from freezing one night to being hot the next day. Temperatures can fluctuate no matter the state during winter months as weather can be unpredictable.

Having heat is essential during the winter months. Some consider that investing in HVAC maintenance is winter health advice that should not be ignored.

It is always a good idea to test out your heater, even if it is not needed at that specific moment. Turning your heater on for five minutes can help you know if work needs to be done on it. For instance, if your heater has a smell or odor that does not go away, you may want to invest in hvac services.

The same goes for air conditioning. Sometimes, we need the air conditioner to be on during the winter months depending on the state we live in. If your air conditioner goes out, seek service when you can.

Checking on these two aspects in your home can help you during the winter in the case you need an hvac design service.

These services provide protection for you and your loved ones, promoting heat and air when needed. This is one winter health advice to check on before winter arrives if possible to avoid the hassle after winter arrives.

Check Yor Water Pressure

Water is also essential. It is considered a basic necessity no matter the person, financial situation, or home you live in. Having access to water is one of the most important winter health advice you can get. Water helps nourish the body. When injured, it can help clean a wound. Most of us use water for a variety of other things such as:

  • Washing dishes
  • Showering
  • Washing clothes
  • Cleaning our pets
  • Nourishing pets
  • For windshield wipers
  • To keep plants alive

Water is not limited to these uses. A thousand things can be done with water.

winter health advice

Check your water pressure by:

  • Checking your pipes for any leakage
  • Turning on your faucets in your bathroom and kitchen
  • Notice how the water flows
  • Look at the water color
  • Hear any unusual noises from the faucets
  • Notice how much water is coming out of the faucets
  • Check to see if cold and hot water is coming out

Doing all of these things, you can catch a problem before it becomes a larger one. If you notice water having a hard time coming out of the faucet, or notice any problems with the items mentioned above, consider getting someone who can offer water solutions for you and your home.

If you notice a different color coming out of the water, check to see if any news has discussed this issue within your community. If not, contact someone who offers water services to see if it can be fixed. If it cannot, try investing in water purifiers. These can be bought at stores worldwide. They purify the water and rid the water you drink form any excess unhealthy materials.

Check on your water in all rooms that this applies to before winter comes. Water affects our health just as our teeth do. We may not see its direct impact, but it makes one regardless.

Consider Investing In Additional Aid

If you are taking care of someone in your home or in another home who has:

  • Special Needs
  • Is elderly
  • Is disabled
  • Has difficulty performing active daily living tasks

Consider investing in home care services. During the winter, the weather can be unpredictable. For individuals in the states where it snows a lot, consider this due to your ability to reach this individual during these times.

These services offer you help by helping your loved one. The individual who you hire will go to the individuals home and perform services such as:

  • Helping make meals
  • Asssisting in bathing
  • Interacting with the individual
  • Bringing them groceries or other necessities

Although this list is not exhaustive, the professional you hire will know what to do. They are trained to work with a variety of individuals and offer empathy and complete dedication to the individual whom they are serving.

By having someone on call who can perform the tasks that you usually do, they can help you out by relieving some stress off of you which brings us to our next winter health advice.

Find Ways to Destress

Stress impacts our health. We touched on this earlier when discussing teeth and plaque build up. Stress is something that is on the rise, especially with the current pandemic.

winter health advice

Here are a few ways you can manage your stress:

  • Write down three things you are thankful for daily.
  • Dance to your favorite music.
  • Workout by taking a ten-minute walk daily.
  • Color
  • Meditate
  • Do some yoga.
  • Call or video call a friend or family member.
  • Watch your favorite movie.

There are so many ways you can combat stress when it arises. Stress can make us:

  • Lose energy
  • Be more moody
  • Have trouble falling asleep
  • Impact our mental and physical well-being

No matter the option you choose, being proactive with your stress can help your health in the long run. For some individuals, watching the news can increase their panic or worries. Taking a time out from news or social media platforms can help with this.

Seeing The Bright Side

This goes hand-in-hand with the tip above. Sometimes, we can be negative about certain things, and rightly so. Being able to adapt and see the positive amongst the negative can really help our mental health.

For example, if we are out of a job during this winter, we may see the positive side of that as offering us more time with our loved ones or allowing us to pursue our true passion.

No matter the situation, it is okay to sit with the negative feeling for a while. After we sit with it, we can see the bright side, if we try.

Be Mindful Of Food

Since a lot of us are working from home or are quarantined, we have direct access to our pantry. With technology being able to deliver us food right to our door, this can create a small problem.

With so much direct access to food, we can actually eat more without even noticing it. Eating more food is not bad. However, it is important to note what we are eating. Eating some tasty treats is okay from time to time. We also have to remember just as our mental health is important, so is our physical health.

One way to be mindful of what we eat instead of logging it into a journal or phone app, is to make it colorful. Think about having a plate with the following bright colors:

  • Orange carrots
  • Red bell peppers
  • Green beans
  • Blueberries

This list is not exhaustive, but making our plate colorful can impact us more than we know. Colors appeal to our sense of sight. This in turn, appeals to our taste. Senses impact one another. Eating colorful items can help us be mindful of what we eat. Throwing in a slice of pie-or two-will not hurt at all.

Another way to deal with this is to get out and walk for a little. The sun offers direct Vitamin D resources to your body. Getting out and smelling some fresh air also appeals to our smell and sight.

winter health advice

No matter the sense you are appealing to, food can help us de-stress, relax, and enjoy the little things.

Bonus Tip: Maintain Communication With Others

This is a huge winter health advice tip. During the pandemic, we find ourselves separated now more than ever from physical contact with others. To combat this, call a friend or family. Check in with a friend or loved one daily if you can.

Having communication with someone decreases our sense of isolation from the world. Social media platforms can actually help with this. Connecting with individuals over the internet gives us instant communication. Video conferencing with family members can also help.

Having communication with someone is key during this pandemic and the winter months. Check in on others if you can find the time to do so.

The winter months can be challenging. With these advice and tips, you can become a healthier version of yourself no matter the challenges we all face together.