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Virtual Reality Assisting Interior Designers and Real Estate Agents

Some homeowners spend a lot of time thinking about interior design and renovation projects. Minor kitchen remodels, for example, can actually earn a return on investment (ROI) of 82.7%. Thanks to the help of some new and highly advanced technology, homeowners can now map out these remodeling projects before any tool is even lifted.

Virtual reality has been gaining popularity and is now present in more and more industries. It looks like interior design is the latest field to jump on the VR bandwagon.

According to Homes and Property, virtual reality programs are now enabling homeowners to walk around their newly designed and remodeled homes before any work has even been done. This technology allows homeowners to virtually browse through floor tiles, furniture styles, and home layouts with the click of a button.

“Plans can be difficult for clients to follow, but virtual reality allows them to immediately be in the room,” said Mark Tavener, architectural designer at Attol.

Users can now put on an Oculus-style headset and maneuver through their dream home as a computer screen or mobile app filters the video through to the headset.

In addition to home remodeling and interior design, real estate agents are taking advantage of VR technology as well. Market Watch reports that this new technology is helping people sell their homes because prospective buyers can truly envision what it will look like once they move in.

“Real estate is probably the only asset class that is experiential and trades in emotion,” said Steven Giles, a real estate broker in New York City. “I think virtual reality technology has greatly enhanced that experience.”

Real estate companies, from New York to California, are now dipping their hands into the virtual realm as a way to both market their homes and entice prospective buyers.

“You can open doors, you can turn on the lights,” said Bob Yuan, president of Circle Visions. “You get a feel for the scale or the sense of that room.”