How Crane Services Work

Crane services are conducted by professionals that understand the machinery and protocols required to move them along smoothly. There’s an order of action that comes with operating crane services. This clip we have linked above delivers a general summary of what these services entail.

Crane assembly begins when the superstructure is moved into the assembly position, then the outriggers are erected. Once the crawler connections are cleaned and adequately lubricated, the assist crane is brought to the process.

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Crawlers tracks, weighing in at over 50,000 lbs, are connected and then the crane is oriented to prepare for the remainder of the build. Carbody counterweights come to be installed, and these counterweights tend to weigh over 30,000 lbs. You must make sure that the crane itself can allow for over 20 trucks that can bring in components.

The base counterweight tray begins to set and counterweights are added afterward until proper crane configuration is reached. The crane will self-install counterweights, the base section is installed, then the live mast is connected to the base section.

The remainder of steps and capabilities of professional crane services are listed in the video we have linked above, and we encourage you to tune in to learn how the process culminates.