Explaining Server Hosting for Gamers

If you want to know how to start hosting game servers from your own home, this video explains the hardware aspects of this process. PC gamers are oftentimes interested in this concept because using the server on your PC can be utilizing the power you could be using to run games.

Learning server hosting for gamers is good for those who want to host game servers without having to use an extreme amount of power, and want the ability to put their game on a separate server. This is helpful so their gaming doesn’t impact their typical main computer processes.

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The core recommendation for the person who wants to host a game server at home is to get a Dell R4-10. This is because if you want to use the server for the public, you will want a better firewall than your typical router’s firewall. Alternatively, you can install Windows server and host through that program.

If you want to learn more about server hosting for gamers, or further explore any of the hardware mentioned in this video, follow along! You should also research the software side of this process as that is a very extensive and essential component of server hosting.